Holiday Message from Castlegar Hospice Society

The holiday season is in full swing with the anticipation of family and friends gathering, important religious and traditional observances and hope for the New Year.

For those struggling with the loss of a loved one the holidays can be a difficult time full of painful reminders. They cover themselves with their emotional armor.

Please take time to look up from your lists, phones and tablets and see those that need some extra support and be there! Listen, support and help.  It may be uncomfortable for you and you may not know what to say but being present in silence is often all that is needed. Respect and encourage their choice of what they want and don’t want to do during the holidays.

Let’s all pause and reflect and seize this opportunity to truly treasure all of our blessings, grieve our losses and mend broken fences.

Please thank all of the hard working people in hospice palliative care who truly give of their heart and soul.  It is my honour to work alongside them.

As this year comes to an end, may our hearts be full with hope that inspires and guides us into a healthy and happy New Year.

Castlegar Hospice Society