The Castlegar Hospice Volunteer accepts the following responsibilities

  • To Work as a member of the Castlegar Hospice Team, accepting supervision from and communicating relevant information to the Coordinator
  • To work with consideration, courtesy and dignity at all times
  • To uphold the
    mission and vision statement of Castlegar Hospice
  • To respect the confidentiality
    of information received through hospice work
  • To continue the process of learning
    and personal growth by participating in ongoing education and support programs
    offered by the Castlegar Hospice
  • After receiving volunteer training, to commit
    to a minimum six month period of volunteer services

The Castlegar Hospice Society accepts the following responsibilities

  • To provide volunteers with orientation, training, supervision and support
  • To provide each volunteer with a mentor after completion of volunteer training
  • To readily accept and consider volunteer’s ideas, opinions and assessments of the program
  • To provide volunteers with opportunities for growth and advancement through ongoing educational opportunities and support