Date & time – Friday, Oct 8 – Friday, Oct 22 (6pm)

Winners will be contacted on Monday October 25th to arrange pick up or delivery

***Please note that this Auction ends at 6:00 pm on Friday, Oct. 22.
We had to repost the auctions so they show that there have been no bids, but bids have actually been placed on most items already. If you have placed a bid an have been notified that you have won the bid, please note that there still may be bids on your item. We do have record of previous bids, they just do not currently show. Apologies for the inconvenince, there has been a glitch in the auction code in regards to timezone settings and the auction ended prematurely. The only way to re-enabe it was to start the bidding price as $10 more than the last price that was set.

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